Your own customised online sales platform

Create online auctions, online shops or a combination of both..

1 Host on your own subdomain or use our URL.

By integrating SliderStock technology onto your own website and using your own custom branding, you can create a seamless experience for your customers.

You can use the flexible functionality of SliderStock but with the feel of your own eCommerce website, keeping consistency for your regular visitors.

Alternatively, you could also use SliderStock's own domain to host your shop or auction and still keep your custom branding.

2 Upload your products and customise the branding.

We have created easy to use dashboards so you can add your own products along with images, descriptions, and videos. You can use the dashboards to edit the colour scheme of your customised platform to ensure it matches your desired branding and to connect with to your own payment account.

Within the Dashboard, you can track real-time bids, monitor users, send communication to users and much more. The entire structure of SliderStock is completely customisable, from the auction start and end date/time to the number of products you'd like to include and the content available on each product.

You can also list your products as Sealed Bid, Live Bid for auctions or simply Buy it Now if you've created a shop.

Once the products are uploaded and you're happy with the branding, you're ready to go!

3 Invite your customers to shop or bid on your products.

Once you have your platform live, simply connect with your customers via email or social media. You can direct them straight to the URL, where they can register their details and view the products on offer.

Customers register their payment details upon making their first transaction: payment for bids is taken automatically once the auction is closed, and for buy it now products the transaction happens immediately. You'll receive the payments directly to your own business account and will be able to access customer information via SliderStock for logistics, delivery and financial purposes.

When creating a shop, they will buy the products at a fixed price and the payment will be taken upon placing the order.

Your customers will receive automated communication from the system to indicate bids placed, successful bids, successful purchases or if they have been outbid by another user in an auction.